References related to microplankton taxa of Turkish seas

Updated 9 October 2001

Türkiye has been located between latitudes 36o 00' 00''- 42o 00' 00'' and longitudes 26o 00' 00'' - 45o 00 ' 00'' in the Eurasia continent. It has a typical large peninsula appearance  and has been surrounded by three important water masses: Black Sea from the northern part, Aegean Sea from the western part and Eastern Mediterranean from the southern part. In addition to these, the Sea of Marmara has formed a transition zone between Black Sea and Aegean Sea with bosphorus and dardanelles. Although it has a 8334 km. shore line, the continental shelf is very long and the depth rarely reach 1500 meters in only international waters and so the seas exhibit mainly neritic character.
In Türkiye, like other mediterranean countries, a typical mediterranean climate prevails and maximum precipitation occurs between November-March.
The first attempts on planktological researches in Türkiye were held after 1935 at İstanbul University with scientific supports of some immigrant scientists from Europe during the Second World War. In the following years, Ankara and Ege Universities joined to this group with their Biology Departments. Many of the studies on marine planktology were realized by Ege and İstanbul Universities. At the same time, inland waters were mainly being investigated by the scientists from Ege and Ankara Universities. In addition to the Biology Departments, İstanbul University, Science Faculty, Hydrobiology Research Institute and Ege University, Science Faculty, Biological Oceanograpy Department were organized in the following years. Unfortunately, these organizations were short lived.
Phytoplankton researches are now in its teens in Türkiye. Most probably the first paper on marine phytoplankton had appeared in a Turkish Journal of Hydrobiology on 'red tides' in 1955. The author of article was Wilhelm Nümann a German biologist. No subsequent reference appears in print until 1960 when we again see 'red tides' in the title of a paper. This time the authors were Turkish scientists Altan Acara and U. Nalbantoğlu. However, although these two premier papers had summarized one of the most important event concerning with phytoplankton succession in Aegean Sea, they were general and responsible genera and species names were not mentioned. Since 1967 a series of publications on phytoplankton and protozooplankton have been in print for Aegean Sea, Mediterranean, Sea of Marmara and Black Sea by different research teams.

REGIONAL REFERENCES (comprise only Turkish Seas, except unpublished M.Sc. and Ph. D. thesis, project reports of public and special companies)

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