Department of Hydrobiology, Faculty of Fisheries, Ege University

Welcome to the web site of "microplankton species of Turkish seas; Aegean Sea, Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Marmara (including Bosphorus and Dardanelles),". This web site contains detailed taxonomic information for those interested in, or actively studied on, the distribution and/or succession of planktonic and/or pseudoplanktonic marine protoctists.

Researchers will also find a special article for bloomings of toxic and/or non-toxic phytoplanktonic species caused red-tides of Turkish seas.

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Table of Contents

Check-list of planktonic protoctists taxa of Turkish seas (updates continuously)
Blooming species and red-tide events from Turkish seas
Turkish harmful event database (HAE-DAT) for IOC-ICES (in English only)
Regional references
Drawings and photo-micrographes of the microplanktonic species
Contributors of this web-page
The Microplanktonic Material Museum
Detailed data from completed projects
Your critics, comments, advices and questions

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