Check-list of Turkish Seas Microplankton

The total taxa list located in this site has been prepared from published scientific papers and updated continuously. But, some new records from the region may not be found in this list if they did not reported with any published paper. However, ones interesting with new and unpublished hot-records can examine the intellectual taxa lists from the sites of each seas located on the content page.

Microplankton systematics and taxonomy rules have its own complex problems and have been frequently re-organized at genera, classis and even at phylum level. The algal groups in marine plankton presented here follow a classification scheme partially modified from that of Christensen (1966). For the marine protozooplankton, partially modified classification scheme of Trégouboff and Rose (1957) and Lee et al. (1985) has been preferred.

Last updated in 29th November, 2003
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Marine Micro-Algal Taxa


Anabaena spiroides Kleb.
Anabaena variabilis Kützing
Microcystis aeruginosa (Kütz.) Kütz.
Oscillatoria sp.
Richelia intracellularis J. Schmidt
Spirulina subsalsa Oersted
Synechococcus sp.

Alexandrium minutum Halim
Amphisolenia bidentata Schröder
Amphisolenia truncata Kofoid & Michener
Amylax triacantha (Jörgensen) Sournia
Brachydinium capitatum Taylor
Ceratium arietinum var. arietinum
Ceratium arietinum var. bucephalum (Cleve) Sournia
Ceratium arietinum var. gracilentum (Jörgensen) Sournia
Ceratium belone Cleve
Ceratium biceps Claparede & Lachmann
Ceratium breve var. paralellum (Schmidt) Jörgensen
Ceratium breve var. schmidtii
Ceratium candelabrum var. candelabrum
Ceratium candelabrum var. candelabrum f. subrotundum (Pavillard) Sournia
Ceratium candelabrum var. depressum (Pouchet) Jörgensen
Ceratium carriense var. carriense
Ceratium carriense var. volans
Ceratium compressum Gran
Ceratium concilians Jörgensen
Ceratium contortum var. contortum (Gourret) Cleve
Ceratium contortum var. karstenii (Pavillard) Sournia
Ceratium contortum var. robustum (Karsten) Sournia
Ceratium contrarium (Gourret) Pavillard
Ceratium declinatum f. branchiatum Jörgensen
Ceratium declinatum f. declinatum Sournia
Ceratium declinatum f. majus Jörgensen
Ceratium declinatum f. normale Jörgensen
Ceratium digitatum Schutt
Ceratium euarcuatum Jörgensen
Ceratium falcatiforme Jörgensen
Ceratium falcatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen
Ceratium furca var. eugrammum (Ehrenberg) Schiller
Ceratium furca var. furca
Ceratium fusus var. fusus
Ceratium fusus var. schuetti Lemmermann
Ceratium fusus var. seta (Ehrenberg) Schiller
Ceratium gibberum var. dispar (Pouchet) Sournia
Ceratium gibberum var. subaequale Jörgensen
Ceratium gravidum Gourret
Ceratium hexacanthum f. pavillardii(Rampi) Sournia
Ceratium hexacanthum f. spirale (Kofoid) Schiller
Ceratium hexacanthum var. contortum Lemmermann
Ceratium hexacanthum var. hexacanthum
Ceratium hirundinella (O. F. Müller) Bergh
Ceratium horridum var. claviger (Kofoid) Graham & Bronikowski
Ceratium horridum var. denticulatum Jörgensen
Ceratium horridum var. horridum
Ceratium horridum var. patentissimum (Ostenfeld & Schmidt) F. J. R. Taylor
Ceratium incisum (Karsten) Jörgensen
Ceratium inflatum (Kofoid) Jörgensen
Ceratium kofoidii Jörgensen
Ceratium limulus (Gourret ex Pouchet) Gourret
Ceratium lineatum (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Ceratium longirostrum Gourret
Ceratium macroceros var. gallicum Kofoid
Ceratium macroceros var. macroceros
Ceratium massiliense f. armatum (Karsten) Jörgensen
Ceratium massiliense var. massiliense
Ceratium minutum Jörgensen
Ceratium paradoxides Cleve
Ceratium pentagonum var. longisetum (Ostenfeld et Schmidt) Jörgensen
Ceratium pentagonum var. subrobustum Jörgensen
Ceratium pentagonum var. tenerum Jörgensen
Ceratium ranipes Cleve
Ceratium ranipes var. palmatum (Schröder) Cleve
Ceratium ranipes var. palmatum f. furcellatum (Lemmermann) F. J. R. Taylor
Ceratium schroeteri Schröder
Ceratium setaceum Jörgensen
Ceratium strictum (Okamura and Nishikawa) Kofoid
Ceratium symmetricum var. coarctatum (Pavillard) Graham & Bronikovsky
Ceratium symmetricum var. orthoceras (Jörgensen) Graham & Bronikovsky
Ceratium symmetricum var. symmetricum
Ceratium teres Kofoid
Ceratium trichoceros (Ehrenberg) Kofoid
Ceratium tripos var. atlanticum (Ostenfeld) Paulsen
Ceratium tripos var. pulchellum f. pulchellum
Ceratium tripos var. pulchellum f. semipulchellum Jörgensen
Ceratium vultur Cleve
Ceratocorys armata (Schütt) Kofoid
Ceratocorys gourreti Paulsen
Ceratocorys horrida Stein
Cladopyxis caryophyllum (Kofoid) Pavillard
Dinophysis acuminata Claperede & Lachmann
Dinophysis acuta Ehrenberg
Dinophysis amandula Sournia
Dinophysis argus (Stein) Abé
Dinophysis caudata Saville-Kent
Dinophysis dens Pavillard
Dinophysis diegensis Kofoid
Dinophysis doryphorum (Stein) Abé
Dinophysis elongatum (Jörgensen) Abé
Dinophysis fava (Kofoid & Mich.) Abé
Dinophysis fortii Pavillard
Dinophysis hastata Stein
Dinophysis infundibula Schiller
Dinophysis mitra (Schütt) Abé
Dinophysis odiosa (Pavillard) Tai & Skogsberg
Dinophysis ovata Claparede & Lachmann
Dinophysis ovum Schütt
Dinophysis parvula (Schütt) Balech
Dinophysis pavillardi Schröder
Dinophysis punctata Jörgensen
Dinophysis rapa (Stein) Abé
Dinophysis recurva Kofoid & Skogsberg
Dinophysis reniformis (Pavillard) Kofoid & Skogsberg
Dinophysis rotundata Claperede & Lachmann
Dinophysis rudgei (Murray & Whitting) Abé
Dinophysis sacculus Stein
Dinophysis schroederi Stein
Dinophysis schuetti Murray & Whitting
Dinophysis sphaerica Stein
Dinophysis tripos Gourret
Diplopsalis lenticula Bergh
Gonyaulax birostris Stein
Gonyaulax diegensis Kofoid
Gonyaulax digitale (Pouchet) Kofoid
Gonyaulax grindleyi Rein
Gonyaulax milneri (Murray & Whitting) Kofoid
Gonyaulax mitra (Schütt) Kofoid
Gonyaulax monocantha Pavillard
Gonyaulax polygramma Stein
Gonyaulax spinifera (Claparede & Lachmann) Diesing
Gonyaulax turbynei Murray & Whitting
Gonyaulax verior Sournia
Gymnodinium sanguineum Hirasaka
Gymnodinium simplex (Lohmann) Kofoid & Swezy
Gyrodinium fusiforme Kofoid & Swezy
Gyrodinium lachryma (Meunier) Kofoid & Swezy
Gyrodinium spirale (Bergh) Kofoid & Swezy
Heteraulacus polyedricus (Pouchet) Drugg & Loeblich
Heteraulacus sphaericus (Murray & Whitting) Loeblich III
Heterocapsa pygmaea Loeblich III, Schmidt & Sherley
Heterocapsa triquetra (Ehrenberg) Stein
Heterodinium angulatum Kofoid & Michener
Heterodinium inaequale Kofoid
Heterodinium  mediocre Kofoid
Histioneis elongata  Kof. &  J.R. Michener
Histioneis expansa L. Rampi
Histioneis marchesonii L. Rampi
Histioneis para Murray & Whitting
Histioneis striata Kof. & J.R. Michener
Kofoidinium velelloides Pavillard
Lingulodinium polyedrum (Stein) Dodge
Noctiluca scintillans (Macartney) Kofoid
Ornithocercus carolinae Kofoid
Ornithocercus heteropus Kofoid
Ornithocercus magnificus Stein emend. Schütt
Ornithocercus quadratus Schütt
Ornithocercus quadratus var. assimilis (Jörgensen) F.J.R. Taylor
Ornithocercus quadratus var. quadratus
Ornithocercus quadratus var. schuetti (Kofoid & Skogsberg) F.J.R. Taylor
Ornithocercus steini Schütt
Oxyphysis oxytoxoides Kofoid
Oxytoxum adriaticum Schiller
Oxytoxum brunelli Rampi
Oxytoxum compressum Kofoid
Oxytoxum constrictum (Stein) Bütschli
Oxytoxum diploconus Stein
Oxytoxum elegans Pavillard
Oxytoxum longiceps Schiller
Oxytoxum milneri Murray & Whitting
Oxytoxum reticulatum (Stein) Schütt
Oxytoxum scolopax Stein
Pachydinium mediterraneum Pavillard
Pavillardinium intermedium (Pavillard) De Toni
Podolampas bipes Stein
Podolampas elegans Schütt
Podolampas palmipes Stein
Podolampas spinifera Okamura
Polykrikos kofoidi Chatton
Polykrikos schwartzii Bütschli
Prorocentrum aporum (Schiller) Abé
Prorocentrum arcuatum Issel
Prorocentrum balticum (Lohmann) Loeblich III
Prorocentrum cassubicum (Woloszynska) Dodge
Prorocentrum compressum (Bailey) Abé
Prorocentrum cordatum (Ostenfeld) Dodge ex Dodge
Prorocentrum dentatum Stein
Prorocentrum gracile Schütt
Prorocentrum lima (Ehrenberg) Dodge
Prorocentrum maximum (Gourret) Schiller
Prorocentrum micans Ehrenberg
Prorocentrum minimum Schiller
Prorocentrum pyriforme (Schiller) Hasle
Prorocentrum rotundatum Schiller
Prorocentrum scutellum Schiller
Prorocentrum triestinum Schiller
Protoceratium areolatum Kofoid
Protoceratium reticulatum (Claperede & Lachmann) Bütschli
Protoperidinium brevipes (Paulsen) Balech
Protoperidinium brochi (Kofoid & Swezy) Balech
Protoperidinium claudicans (Paulsen) Balech
Protoperidinium conicoides (Paulsen) Balech
Protoperidinium conicum (Gran) Balech
Protoperidinium crassipes (Kofoid) Balech
Protoperidinium depressum (Bailey) Balech
Protoperidinium diabolus (Cleve) Balech
Protoperidinium divergens (Ehrenberg) Balech
Protoperidinium globolus (Stein) Balech
Protoperidinium grande (Kofoid) Balech
Protoperidinium granii (Ostenfeld in Paulsen) Balech
Protoperidinium leonis (Pavillard) Balech
Protoperidinium longipes Balech
Protoperidinium marielebourae (Paulsen) Balech
Protoperidinium mediterraneum (Kofoid) Balech
Protoperidinium mite (Pavillard) Balech
Protoperidinium murrayi Kofoid
Protoperidinium oblongum (Aurivillius) Parke & Dodge
Protoperidinium oceanicum (Vanhöffen) Balech
Protoperidinium oviforme Dangeard
Protoperidinium pallidum (Ostenfeld) Balech
Protoperidinium paulseni Pavillard
Protoperidinium pedunculatum (Schutt) Balech
Protoperidinium pellucidum (Bergh) Balech
Protoperidinium pentagonum (Gran) Balech
Protoperidinium punctulatum (Paulsen) Balech
Protoperidinium pyriforme (Paulsen) Balech
Protoperidinium quarnerense (Schröder) Balech
Protoperidinium similum (Paulsen) Balech
Protoperidinium solidicorne (Mangin) Balech
Protoperidinium steinii (Jörgensen) Balech
Protoperidinium subinerme (Paulsen) Balech
Pyrocystis elegans Pavillard
Pyrocystis fusiformis W. Thomson
Pyrocystis noctiluca Murray ex Haeckel
Pyrocystis robusta Kofoid
Pyrophacus horologium Stein
Pyrophacus steinii (J. Schiller) Wall & Dale
Pyrophacus vancompoae (Rossignol) Wall & Dale
Scaphodinium mirabile Margalef
Scrippsiella trochoidea (Stein) Loeblich III
Spiraulax jollifei (Murray & Whitting) Kofoid

Anoplosolenia brasiliensis (Lohmann)Deflandre
Emiliania huxlei (Lohmann) Hay & Möller
Rhabdosphaera claviger Murray and Blackman
Scyphosphaera apsteini Lohmann

Bicosoeaca mediterranea Pavillard

Dictyocha fibula var. aculeata Lemmermann
Dictyocha fibula var. messanensis (Haeckel in Peters) Lemmermann
Dictyocha fibula var. pentagona Schulz
Dictyocha fibula var. stapedia (Haeckel) Lemmermann
Dictyocha polyactis Ehrenberg
Dictyocha speculum Ehrenberg
Octactis octonaria (Ehrenberg) Hovasse

Solenicola setigera Pavillard

Achnanthes brevipes Agardh
Achnanthes longipes Agardh
Actinocyclus octonarius Ehrenberg
Actinocyclus ralfsii (W. Smith) Ralfs in Pritchard
Actinoptychus splendens (Shadbolt) Ralfs in Pritchard
Amphora hyalina Kützing
Amphora marina W. Smith
Amphora ostrearia Brébisson in Kützing
Amphora ovalis Kützing
Asterionella notata Grunow in Van Heurck
Asterionellopsis glacialis (Castracane) E. F. Round
Asterolampra grevillei (Wallich) Greville
Asterolampra van-heurckii J. Brun
Asteromphalus flabellatus (Brébisson) Greville
Asteromphalus heptactis (Brébisson) Ralfs in Pritchard
Asteromphalus hookeri Ehrenberg
Asteromphalus hyalinus Karsten
Bacillaria paxillifera (O. F. Müller) Hendey
Bacteriastrum comosum Pavillard
Bacteriastrum delicatulum Cleve
Bacteriastrum elegans Pavillard
Bacteriastrum elongatum Cleve
Bacteriastrum hyalinum Lauder
Bacteriastrum hyalinum var. princeps (Castracane) Ikari
Bacteriastrum mediterraneum Pavillard
Bellerochea horologialis Von Stosch
Biddulphia alternans (Bailey) Van Heurck
Biddulphia pelagica Schröder
Biddulphia pulchella Gray
Biddulphia tridens (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg
Campylodiscus decorus Brébisson
Cerataulina pelagica (Cleve) Hendey
Chaetoceros affinis Lauder
Chaetoceros affinis var. willei (Gran) Hustedt
Chaetoceros anastomosans Grunow in Van Heurck
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. atlanticus
Chaetoceros atlanticus var. neopolitanus (Schröder) Hustedt
Chaetoceros borealis Bailey
Chaetoceros brevis Schütt
Chaetoceros coarctatus Lauder
Chaetoceros compressus Lauder
Chaetoceros constrictus Gran
Chaetoceros costatus Pavillard
Chaetoceros crinitus Schütt
Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve
Chaetoceros dadayi Pavillard
Chaetoceros danicus Cleve
Chaetoceros debilis Cleve
Chaetoceros decipiens Cleve
Chaetoceros densus (Cleve) Cleve
Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) Gran
Chaetoceros didymus var. anglica (Grunow) Gran
Chaetoceros didymus var. protuberans (Lauder) Gran & Yendo
Chaetoceros diversus Cleve
Chaetoceros eibeni (Grunow) Meunier in Van Heurck
Chaetoceros gracilis Schütt
Chaetoceros holsaticus Schütt
Chaetoceros imbricatus Mangin
Chaetoceros laciniosus Schütt
Chaetoceros lauderi Ralfs in Lauder
Chaetoceros lorenzianus Grunow
Chaetoceros messanensis Castracane
Chaetoceros perpusillus Cleve
Chaetoceros peruvianus Brightwell
Chaetoceros pseudocurvisetus Mangin
Chaetoceros rostratus Lauder
Chaetoceros saltans Cleve
Chaetoceros similis Cleve
Chaetoceros simplex Ostenfeld
Chaetoceros socialis Lauder
Chaetoceros teres Cleve
Chaetoceros tetrastichon Cleve
Chaetoceros tortissimus Gran
Chaetoceros vistulae Apstein
Chaetoceros wighami Brightwell
Climacosphenia elongata Bailey
Climacosphenia moniligera Ehrenberg
Cocconeis scutellum Ehrenberg
Coscinodiscus asteromphalus Ehrenberg
Coscinodiscus centralis Ehrenberg
Coscinodiscus concinnus W. Smith
Coscinodiscus gigas Ehrenberg
Coscinodiscus granii Gough
Coscinodiscus jonesianus (Greville) Ostenfeld
Coscinodiscus lineatus Ehrenberg
Coscinodiscus marginatus Ehrenberg
Coscinodiscus nodulifer A. Schmidt
Coscinodiscus oculus-iridis (Ehrenberg)
Coscinodiscus perforatus var. pavillardi (Forti) Hustedt
Coscinodiscus radiatus Ehrenberg
Coscinodiscus stellaris Roper
Coscinodiscus wailesii Gran and Angst
Cyclotella meneghiniana Kützing
Cylindrotheca closterium (Ehrenberg) Reimann & Lewin
Cymbella turgidula Grunow
Dactyliosolen antarticus Castracane
Dactyliosolen blavyanus (H. Peragallo) Hasle
Dactyliosolen fragilissimus (Bergon) Hasle
Dactyliosolen mediterraneus H. Peragallo
Detonula confervacea (Cleve) Gran
Detonula pumila (Castracane) Gran
Diatoma vulgare Bory
Diploneis bombus Ehrenberg
Ditylum brightwelli (T. West) Grunow in Van Heurck
Entomoneis alata (Ehrenberg) Kutz
Entomoneis gigantea (=Amphiprora gigantea Grunow ?)
Eucampia cornuta (Cleve) Grunow
Eucampia zoodiacus Ehrenberg
Fragilaria crotonesis Kitton
Fragilariopsis atlantica Paasche
Fragilariopsis cylindrus (Grunow) Krieger in Helmcke & Krieger
Gomphonema geminatum (Lyngbye) Agardh
Grammatophora marina (Lyngbye) Kützing
Guinardia cylindrus (Cleve) Hasle
Guinardia flaccida (Castracane) H. Peragallo
Gyrosigma attenuatum (Kützing) Robenhorst
Gyrosigma balticum (Ehrenberg) Rabenhorst
Gyrosigma fasciola (Ehrenberg) Griffith & Henfrey
Gyrosigma hippocampus Ehrenberg
Gyrosigma spenceri (Quekett) Griffith & Henfrey
Gyrosigma tenuissimum (W. Smith) Griffith & Henfrey
Hannea arcus (Ehr.) Patrick
Hemiaulus hauckii Grunow in Van Heurck
Hemiaulus membranaceus Cleve
Hemiaulus sinensis Greville
Lauderia annulata Cleve
Leptocylindrus danicus Cleve
Leptocylindrus minimus Gran
Licmophora abbreviata Agardh
Licmophora ehrenbergii (Kutzing) Grunow
Licmophora flabellata Agardh
Licmophora gracilis (Ehrenberg) Grunow
Licmophora paradoxa (Lyngbye) Agardh
Lithodesmium undulatum Ehrenberg
Mastogloia angulata Lewis
Mastogloia fimbriata (Brightwell) Cleve
Mastogloia smithii Thwaites ex W. Smith
Mastogloia splendida (Gregory) Cleve
Melosira arenaria Moore
Melosira borreri Greville
Melosira moniliformis (Müller) Agardh
Melosira nummuloides C.A. Agardh
Navicula cancellata Donkin
Navicula crabro Ehrenberg
Navicula cusbidata (Kützing) Kützing
Navicula lanceolata (Agardh) Kützing
Navicula pennata A. Smith
Navicula zostereti Grunow
Nitzschia longissima (Brébisson in Kützing) Ralfs in Pritchard
Nitzschia lorenziana Grunow in Cleve & Grunow
Nitzschia panduformis Gregory
Nitzschia sicula (Castracane) Hustedt
Nitzschia sigma (Kützing) W. Smith
Odontella aurita (Lyngbye) Agardh
Odontella mobiliensis (J. W. Bailey) Grunow
Odontella regia (Schulze) Ostenfeld
Paralia sulcata (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Phaeodactylum tricornutum Bohlin
Plagiogramma van-heuckii Grunow
Pleurosigma angulatum (Quekett) W. Smith
Pleurosigma delicatulum W. Smith
Pleurosigma elongatum W. Smith
Pleurosigma formosum W. Smith
Pleurosigma macrum W. Smith
Pleurosigma normani Ralfs in Pritchard
Pleurosigma rigidum W. Smith
Podocystis perrinensis
Proboscia alata f. alata
Proboscia alata f. gracillima (Cleve) Gran
Proboscia alata f. indica (H. Peragallo) Gran
Pseudo-nitzschia delicatissima P.T. Cleve Heiden in Heiden & Kolbe
Pseudo-nitzschia fraudulenta (Cleve) Hasle
Pseudo-nitzschia pseudodelicatissima (Cleve) Hasle
pungens (Grunow ex. P.T. Cleve) Hasle
Pseudosolenia calcar-avis Schultze
Rhabdonema adriaticum Kützing
Rhizosolenia acuminata (H. Peragallo) Gran
Rhizosolenia bergonii H. Peragallo
Rhizosolenia castracanei H. Peragallo
Rhizosolenia delicatula Cleve
Rhizosolenia fragilissima Bergon
Rhizosolenia hebetata var. semispina (Hensen) Gran
Rhizosolenia imbricata var. shrubsolei (Cleve) Schröder
Rhizosolenia robusta Norman in Pritchard
Rhizosolenia setigera Brightwell
Rhizosolenia stolterfothii H. Peragallo
Rhizosolenia styliformis Brightwell
Rhizosolenia temperei H. Peragallo
Skeletonema costatum (Greville) Cleve
Skeletonema menzelii Guillard, Carpenter & Reimann
Stenopterobia sigmatella (Greg.) R. Ross in Hartley
Stephanophyxis palmeriana
Stephanophyxis turris (Greville) Ralfs in Pritchard
Streptotheca thamesis Shrubsole
Striatella delicatula Kützing
Striatella interrupta (Ehrenberg) Heiberg
Striatella unipunctata (Lyngbye) Agardh
Surirella fastuosa Ehrenberg
Surirella gemma (Ehrenberg) Kützing
Surirella pandura Peragallo
Surirella striatula Turpin
Synedra fulgens (Greville) W. Smith
Synedra hennedyana Gregory
Synedra tabulata (C. Agardh) Kützing
Synedra ulna (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg
Synedra undulata (Bailey) Gregory
Tabellaria flocculosa (Roth) Kützing
Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grunow) Mereschkowsky
Thalassiosira allenii Takano
Thalassiosira angulata (Gregory) Hasle
Thalassiosira anguste-lineata (A. Schmidt) G. Fryxell & Hasle
Thalassiosira decipiens (Grunow in Van Heurck) Jörgensen
Thalassiosira eccentrica (Ehrenberg) Cleve
Thalassiosira gravida Cleve
Thalassiosira hyalina (Grunow) Gran
Thalassiosira nordenskioeldii Cleve
Thalassiosira rotula Meunier
Thalassiosira subtilis (Ostenfeld) Gran
Thalassiosira tenera Proschkina-Lavrenko
Thalassiosira weissflogii (Grunow) G. Fryxell & Hasle
Thalassiothrix frauenfeldii Grunow
Thalassiothrix longissima Cleve & Grunow
Thalassiothrix mediterranea Pavillard
Triceratium dubium Brightwell
Triceratium favus Ehrenberg

Euglena cf. viridis
Eutreptiella gymnastica Throndsen

Halosphaera viridis Schmitz
Nefroselmis rotunda (N. Carter) Fott
Pyramimonas grossii Parke
Pyramimonas orientalis McFadden, Hill & Wetherbee
Pyramimonas propulsa Moestrup & Hill
Tetraselmis chui Butcher
Tetraselmis striata Butcher

Dunaliella salina (Dunal) Teodoresco
Dunaliella tertiolecta Butcher

Incertae sedis
Thalassomonas cf. minima

Marine Protozooplankton Taxa


Ebria tripartita (Schumann) Lemmermann

Globigerina bulloides d'Orbigny
Globigerina pachyderma (Ehrenberg)
Globigerina quinqueloba Natland
Globigerinoides conglobata Brady
Globigerinoides sacculifer (Brady)
Globigerinella aequilateralis Brady
Orbilina universa d'Orbigny

Acanthocorys umbellifera Haeckel
Acanthometra pellucida Müller
Amphibelone hydrotomica Haeckel
Aulacantha scolymantha Haeckel
Eucyrtidium cienkowskii Haeckel
Eucyrtidium galea Haeckel
Haliomnia castanea Haeckel
Heliosphaera echinoides Haeckel
Hexaconthicum asteroconthion Haeckel
Hexalonche amphisiphone Haeckel
Lamprodiscus laevis Hertwig
Lithomelissa thoracides Haeckel
Lithoptera mülleri Haeckel
Lithostrobus conulus Haeckel
Pseudocubus obeliscus Haeckel
Pterocorys carinata Haeckel
Rhaphidozoum neopolitanum Brandt.
Rhizophaera trigonacantha Haeckel
Sethocryrtis oxycephalus Haeckel
Sethophormis eupilium Haeckel
Sphaerozoum punctatum Müller
Spirocyrtis holospira Haeckel
Stylochlamydium asteriscus Haeckel
Stylodictya herwigi Haeckel
Stylodictya multispina Haeckel
Thecosphaera inermis Haeckel
Theoconus zancleus Haeckel
Thoepillum cranoides Haeckel

Sticholonche zanclea Hertwig

Amphorides amphora (Claparede et Lachmann) Strand
Amphorides quadrilineata (Claparede et Lachmann) Strand
Amplectella collaria (Brandt) Kofoid et Campbell
Bursaopsis striata (Daday)
Climacocylis scalaria
(Brandt) Jörgensen
Codonaria cistellula (Fol) Kofoid et Campbell
Codonella amphorella Biedermann
Codonella aspera Kofoid et Campbell
Codonellopsis longa Kofoid et Campbell
Codonellopsis morchella (Cleve) Jörgensen
Codonellopsis orthoceros (Haeckel) Jörgensen
Codonellopsis schabi (Brandt) Kofoid et Campbell
Coxliella ampla (Jörgensen)
Coxliella annulata (Daday) Brandt
Coxliella decipiens Jörgensen
Coxliella laciniosa (Brandt) Laackman
Cyttarocylis brandti Kofoid et Campbell
Cyttarocylis cassis (Haeckel) Fol, 1881
Cyttarocylis conica (Brandt)
Cyttarocylis eucecryphalus (Haeckel) Kofoid
Cyttarocylis magna (Brant) Kofoid et Campbell
Dadayiella ganymedes (Entz sen.) Kofoid et Campbell
Dictyocysta dilatata Brandt
Dictyocysta elegans Ehrenberg
Dictyocysta lepida
Dictyocysta mitra Haeckel
Dictyocysta spesiosa Kofoid et Campbell
Dictyocysta reticulata Kofoid & Campbell
Epiplocylis acuminata (Daday) Jörgensen
Epiplocylis constricta Kofoid et Campbell
Epiplocylis undella
(Ostenfeld et Schmidt) Jörgensen
Eutintinnus apertus Kofoid et Campbell
Eutintinnus dilatatus Massuti
Eutintinnus elegans (Jörgensen) Kofoid et Campbell
Eutintinnus fraknoi (Daday) Kofoid et Campbell
Eutintinnus latus
(Jörgensen) Kofoid et Campbell
Eutintinnus lusus-undae (Entz) Kofoid et Campbell
Eutintinnus macilentus (Jörgensen) Kofoid et Campbell
Eutintinnus pinguis
Favella azorica (Cleve) Jörgensen
Favella campanula (Schmidt) Jörgensen
Favella ehrenbergi (Claparede et Lachmann) Jörgensen
Favella fistulicauda Jörgensen
Favella markusovszkyi (Daday) Jörgensen
Favella serrata (Möbius) Jörgensen
Helicostomella edentata
Helicostomella subulata (Ehrenberg) Jörgensen
Mesodinium rubrum (Lohmann) Hamburger et Buddenbrock
Metacylis corbula Kofoid et Campbell
Metacylis joergensenii (Cleve) Kofoid et Campbell
Metacylis mereschkowskii Kofoid et Campbell
Parundella lohmanni Jörgensen
Parundella longa Jörgensen
Petalotricha ampulla (Fol) Kent
Petalotricha serrata Kofoid et Campbell
Poroecus apiculatus (Cleve, 1900)
Proplectella acuta (Jörgensen) Kofoid et Campbell
Proplectella angustior (Jörgensen) Kofoid et Campbell
Proplectella claperedei (Entz sen.) Kofoid et Campbell
Proplectella ellipsoida Kofoid et Campbell
Proplectella fastigata (Jörgensen)
Proplectella ovata (Jörgensen)
Proplectella subacuta (Cleve)
Protorhabdonella simplex (Cleve) Jörgensen
Rhabdonella amor (Cleve) Brandt
Rhabdonella brandti Kofoid et Campbell
Rhabdonella hydria Jörgensen
Rhabdonella spiralis (Fol) Brandt
Salpingella acuminata (Claparede et Lachmann) Jörgensen
Salpingella attenuata Jörgensen
Salpingella curta Kofoid et Campbell
Salpingella decurtata Jörgensen
Salpingella minutissima Kofoid et Campbell
Steenstrupiella steenstrupii (Claparéde et Lachmann) Kofoid et Campbell
Stenosemella nivalis (Meunier) Kofoid et Campbell
Stenosemella ventricosa Claperede et Lachmann
Tintinnopsis beroidea Stein
Tintinnopsis buetschlii Daday
Tintinnopsis campanula (Ehrenberg) Daday
Tintinnopsis compressa (Daday) Laackmann
Tintinnopsis cylindrica Daday
Tintinnopsis lobiancoi Daday
Tintinnopsis nana Lohmann
Tintinnopsis nucula (Fol) Brandt 1906
Tintinnopsis plagiostoma Daday
Tintinnopsis radix (Imhof) Brandt
Tintinnopsis strigosa Meunier 1919
Tintinnus inquilinum (O. F. Müller, 1776)
Undella hyalina Daday
Undellopsis tricollaria
Xystonella lohmanni (Brandt) Brandt
Xystonella longicauda (Brandt) Laackmann
Xystonella treforti (Daday) Laackmann
Xystonellopsis cyclas Kofoid et Campbell
Xystonellopsis paradoxa (Cleve)
Zoothamnium pelagicum Du Plesis

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